Plenary Sessions

  • •     Wed. 4th, 9:45am.
  • o     Speaker. N. Balakrishnan,
  • o     Title. First Passage Time of Degradation Process.
  • o     Chair. J.Y. Dauxois
  • •     Wed. 4th , 5:15pm.
  • o     Speaker. M. Giorgio,
  • o     Title. Some extensions of the Gamma Degradation Process
  • o     Chair. M. Fouladirad
  • •     Thu. 5th, 8:30am.
  • o     Speaker. N. Rezg,
  • o     Title. Joint Optimization of Production and Maintenance Planning With an Ecological Impact Study based on Carbon Tax
  • o     Chair. N. Balakrishnan
  • •     Fri. 6th, 12:00am.
  • o     Speaker. M. Fouladirad,
  • o     Title. Prognostic and deterioration models
  • o     Chair. S. Gasmi

Invited Session, Fri. 6th, 11:00am. Chair. M. Giorgio

  • •     11:00. N. Azaiez, Modeling constant attack rate processes in the presence of intelligent threats using game theory.
  • •     11:30. C. Paroissin, Statistical inference and GoF test for (homogeneous) gamma process

Contributed Session 1, Wed. 4th, 11:15am. Degradation Models and Preventive Maintenance. Chair. C. Paroissin

  • •     11:15. Z. Al Masry. Operating approach for fleet of systems subjected to predictive maintenance
  • •     11:45. W. Kahle. The Influence of Incomplete Preventive Maintenance to Degradation Processes
  • •     12:15. M.H. Moulahi. Gamma process based degradation growth model on reliability of bearing in motor pump
  • •     12:45. L.Tlili, Imperfect maintenance strategy for systems generating environmental damage.

Contributed Session 2, Wed. 4th, 2:45pm. Preventive Maintenance Optimization.Chair. O. Gaudoin

  • •     2:45. N. Tamura. An optimal maintenance policy for a Semi-Markovian deteriorating system with major and minor failures.
  • •     3:15. M. Ben Mechlia, Integrated maintenance policy for transportation system according to a supply chain
  • •     3:45. M. Radhoui, Integrated maintenance strategy and vehicule routing problem with time window
  • •     4:15. I. Terfas. Unreliable retrial queues with two types of customers and Bernoulli delays.

Contributed Session 4, Thu. 5th, 11:00am. Component and System Reliability. Chair. W. Kahle

  • •     11:00. F. Pellerey, An hazard rate order for dependent random lifetimes.
  • •     11:30. N. Mannai, Optimal system reliability design of k-out-of-n systems under random replacement policies
  • •     12:00. F.Z. Megraoui, Reliability Bounds of Dependent Linear Consecutive k-out-of- n: G systems
  • •     12:30. W. You. A new strategy for structural reliability prediction

Contributed Session 5, Fri. 6th, 08:30am. Parametric Models in Lifetime Data Analysis. Chair. J.Y Dauxois.

  • •     08:30. O. Gaudoin, Review and comparative study of Goodness-of-Fit tests for the Weibull and Extreme Value distributions
  • •     09:00. A. Nasr, Statistical inference for the Exponentiated inverse flexible Weibull extension distribution based on type I censored data
  • •     09:30. R. Loukil, Statistical Inference for some imperfect maintenance models with time dependent repair effectiveness
  • •     10:00. T. Hamdeni, Parameter Estimation Of Generalized Gompertz Distribution Under Type I Censoring.